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Maternity must haves for your Wardrobe (Leggings) - Part 1

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

A new life is about to enter your family and everyone is ecstatic about it, and you wonder if you can work whole day wearing leggings which are feeling sweaty and scratchy... Sounds familiar?

Most women start looking for maternity wear from their 3rd or 4th month of pregnancy. You can always choose some loose fitting clothes, A line dresses etc from your existing wardrobe, however, an essential piece of clothing is leggings.

Now, what kind leggings should you go for? We recommend something which is soft yet stretchable fabric. Often polyester or synthetic fabrics are not advisable; the reason is, with your hormones in overdrive, sweating increases. The fabrics which are not breathable can cause rashes, itching and other skin problems. Choose the fabrics which soothe your skin.

At Purple Flaunt, we have Over The Bump leggings which have belly pouch for cover up and support. These are made of viscose elastane which is soft and very stretchable making them perfect for you. The best part is these can be paired with shirts, dresses and even ethnic wear so you can wear them often and feel comfortable. These can even be worn post delivery as high-waist leggings.

Here are some stylish ways to pair your leggings:

Here is how it looks Pre and Post delivery:

maternity wear, purple flaunt

So, make the smart and sustainable fashion choices for your comfort and style.


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