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Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Wardrobe changes can be difficult and especially maternity wear because most women feel they will never wear those clothes again. But what if instead of shapeless, too big or too high priced clothes, you could pick something which combines style, comfort and affordable prices to wear even after pregnancy?

All you have to do is keep a few things in mind, let us tell you what will make this difference.

1. Choose the local fabrics: Some clothes may look very stylish, but they are made with a fabric not suitable for your local climate. With the changing body, you want to keep your body as comfortable as possible. Often local fabrics are best for your skin and body temperature. They are easily available and less costly.

2. Build a capsule closet within your closet: Yes, not all your clothes are going to fit you, so why waste time and energy looking at them? It is rather stressful to choose even if you are working from home if you have to look at a full closet. Instead, take a few pieces which you love wearing, ensure they fit you well and just choose from that.

3. Buy stretchable clothing: This one is a no brainer. With your body changing rapidly, your clothes should be able to accommodate the change which can be easily done with right kind of fabrics and designs. We actually have a whole range of clothes which you can even wear after your pregnancy period as well.

4. Focus on silhouette more: If you love to dress up in stylish clothes, go for the silhouettes you feel will work best for you. In most cases, A-line dresses, straight cut long dresses and flaring tops can work well with growing belly. You could layer a button down shirt over a spaghetti top to make it comfortable yet stylish look.

These are just some of the hacks which can be used, which one have you tried?

Do you have a special one you want to share with us? Comment and let us know!

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