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3 Ways to improve your energy level!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

“I don’t feel like doing anything.”

“I just woke up and I am already tired.”

“There is so much to do, but I just can’t make myself get up.”

Sounds familiar? We all struggle with low energy levels from time to time and specially at a time when stress is high and going out is not a very good option, we have to find some sure shot ways to help keep our energy stable. Eating good food, meditation, yoga etc are very good long term and much stable options and I totally recommend you pick at least one of these, the more the better. However, let me tell you some quick fixes which I personally use.

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1. Writing: There is something about the written words which makes them look so assuring. So when I feel a need to up my energy, I turn to my trusted notebook and pens. Now, what I write is more important, however, I would suggest using some beautiful notebooks and colourful pens as it would just make you smile simply looking at them, you feel like a kid again. I often choose to write something I am grateful for today or something wonderful that happened to me recently. This takes me to a happy place instantly increasing my energy levels. I choose to do this exercise right before I have to do something difficult or boring. The work gets done in a happy high without any stress or boredom. So, give it a try, you might find your notebook filling rather fast. P.S. Keep these notes for the times when you can’t even find the energy to write. Reading them is a good way to energize. Also, if you have children around, if they see you writing, it would be encouraging for them as well, you could do all the homework together easily.

2. Music: We all have our favourite tunes, don’t we? I choose my music to give me just the right kind of energy. An upbeat number for cleaning, a slow melody to relax, a relaxing chant for meditation, or a lyrical beauty for imagination boost. There are millions of choices and as music is energy in itself, it works very fast. If you like, you can add your own moves to it, invite your kids to join and you got a much needed family energy boost. No wonder dance parties are always so crowded.

3. Laughter: Yes, you read it right. Now, I understand usually when you are low on energy, laughing out loud is not a priority. Try a light yet happy smile. The action by itself gives your brain a signal that you are happy about something. Children smile or laugh atleast hundreds of times a day that is why you will find them joyful most of the time. A very simple habit, yet very strongly reaffirming results.

It doesn’t take too much to do these small fixes, so give these a try today and tell us how you feel. Do remember to eat well, move your body and invest some time in self care. You deserve to be happy!!!

Disclaimer: This is not a medical advice for clinical depression or any other issue.

Heartfelt thanks to the author of this post Tarundeep Kaur

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